There is a close relationship between the proper contact between the two dental arches, the mandibular muscles and bones craniomandibular, gnathology takes care to study and restore the proper balance between these districts solving the symptoms it brings.

The common goal of the gnatologi is finding the correct skull-mandibular joint, its maintenance and its restoration. Physiologically, the movement of the jaw is free, isotonic, without going to strain the structures attached to it, in the case of malocclusion and/or disorders of the temporomandibular joint, however, this movement is no longer with frequent disturbance isotonic speech, hearing and posture.

Gnatologica a visit may highlight the presence of malocclusions, disorders of the temporomandibular joint or skull-mandibular, cervical tests available for GNATOLOGI are manifold (RX, kinesiografia 3D, surface electromyography). After a thorough medical history and diagnosis used in therapy gnathology is the BITE, a resin plaque which improves the jaw closed and restores their correct position. In the presence of headache frequency.

who is the gnathologist?

The gnathologist is a dentist who specializes in gnathology that thanks to his studies possesses specific skills for the identification and resolution of various problems such as malocclusion gnathologic, skull and neck mandibular disorders, bruxism, temporomandibular joint disorders. So the gnathologist is the specialist who takes care of the stomatognathic system in toto. The stomatognathic system is not only vital for chewing, swallowing or speech but is also related, through the temporomandibular joint, the tonic postural system; for these reasons the gnathologist often collaborates with posturologists well as maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists.

When go by gnathologist

Despite gnathology clinic is known for over a century, it is only recently (about twenty years), with further studies in neurophysiology, it is practiced; Therefore, for a patient the figure of the gnathologist may be doubtful. You should make a visit gnathological in cases of “click” of the jaw while eating, strong headaches seemingly inexplicable muscle pain especially those affecting the cervical, with frequent inflammation of the trigeminal nerve facial.

gnathology and posturology

The stomatognathic system is an integral part of the whole postural system, there is in fact a proper balance between the masticatory system and all the other elements of the body that you are connected. This is referred to gnathology posture to indicate a medical science that not only studies the functions of the jaw but also analyzes the relationship between the masticatory system and the rest of body.A malocclusion may have consequences for the whole posture and in districts far removed from mouth causing pain and discomfort to the cervical spine, the muscles of the neck, shoulders, but also low back sciatica, knee pain etc..