The endodontic treatment (literally inside the tooth) consists in the removal of the tooth pulp rich in blood vessels and nerve endings.

When a tooth is damaged by deep decay, he suffered a trauma (a blow, a fall, a car accident or sports, etc.) You need to run the “root canal”; first ascertaining (in case of trauma) that the roots have not suffered fractures.

The phases for devitalise a tooth are the following:

Opening the crown up to the pulp chamber (this treatment is performed using local anesthesia). It removes the pulp and seek the root canals of the tooth, once found you grub nerves. Expand and clean the canals of the tooth (through instruments nickel titanium or manual) taking measures in advance of the channels (not to go out beyond the apex).

They disinfect channels and perform cleanings between a passage and another for elimininare the smear layer. The doctor at this point verify the possibility of closing definivamente channels or leave the tooth under test inserirendo channels disinfectant and performing a temporary closure.

At the time of closing the tooth definivamente, this is prepared by rerunning the measures of the channels to be closed, and using for the same length of the channel, a cone of Guttaperga the diameter necessary.

It warms the cone Guttaperga and fits into the channel. During treatment endodondico we are made a series of x-ray examinations to verify the results, the length, the shape of the channels.

The radiographic examination is vital to make the diagnosis in dentistry, endodontics is essential because it is the only tool that allows us to “see” inside the tooth root, so it is very important to the ability to make plates with digital equipment emit a quarter of the dose of rays emitted by a traditional radiographic and that allow to keep the intraoral radiography in a folder computer of the patient without possible alterations in time.

Once closed channels, treatment endodondico is finished, it is returned to the second part (conservative) that is used to rebuild the tooth crown or as the case should protect the tooth (now fragile) with a capsule prefabricated (fixed prosthesis) .

Between one session and another can have sensitivity to the treated tooth or swelling, sensitivity could last for some time to provide complete, if the discomfort continues long persist, you may need to re-evaluate the tooth.

The treatment endodondico has a good percentage of success, but there are cases in which the treated tooth endodondicamente must be reprocessed and in some instances extract.